May 5th, Rock ‘N Race – Setlist

Conrad and I had an awesome time playing in front of thousands of enthusiastic runners and walkers as they passed by our tent !!!!  Thank you to the Callagan Family for donating their front yard for the event !

5/19/2011 (Poirier & Labrecque)
“Rock ‘n Race” School Street; Concord, NH

Sweet Black Angel, The Brakeman Sandman & Me, Lonely Day Highway, *Helicopter, Maggie’s Farm, Cindy, Bathtub Gin, Duncan -> Tommy by the Riverside -> Duncan -> Spanish Jam

– Benefit Race for the Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care
– For more info. on this event, please visit:
* = Alternate Lyric; 6,000 people all running around town
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