Written by Rob Azevedo, June 21st, 2017 (Concord Monitor)
Exert from Article: The choices get no easier when another crooning, magnetic troubadour named Matt Poirier comes on at 3:30 p.m. and knocks you out.  How Poirier blends his voice with the thump of his guitar is righteous and original.
Written by John Bodell, May 9th, 2017 (The Concord Insider):
The Rock ‘N Race is a peculiar event for musicians. On one hand, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your skills in the heart of the capital city for thousands of people.  But on the other hand, most of those people are running in a race and therefore won’t really be able to stop and listen to the music.
For Matt Poirier, a musician who plays in Concord all the time – including the past six Rock ‘N Races and the upcoming one – that’s just fine.  “Runners probably only hear a few seconds or a minute, but the real fun is when the walkers come by,” Poirier said.
Poirier is used to commanding the attention of an entire audience at places like Penuche’s and Area 23, but he’s no stranger to moving crowds, either.  This will be his seventh appearance at Rock ‘N Race, and he said he’s had a blast at every one so far. “It’s a charity thing, so you’re doing something good for the community,” he said.
Poirier will be joined at his School and Tahanto streets location by percussionist Conrad Labracque, who Poirier called a mainstay of the show. They’ll try to play some pretty light and happy stuff for this family-friendly daytime event. “For these types of things, I go sort of off the cuff, but I try to be really upbeat,” Poirier said. “Plus, people that have never heard us before are only gonna hear us for a few minutes, so we might as well play some upbeat stuff.”
Playing on a makeshift stage off the side of the road has logistical challenges, such as power. Poirier said the people who live in the houses closest to the stages are considered volunteers, as they donate power from their houses for the musicians to power their gear.


Written by John Bodell, April 4th, 2017 (The Concord Insider):
If you need something to do on a Thursday night, Penuche’s always has some sort of musical act to make for an entertaining evening.  Last week, we stopped by to check out Concord music scene regulars Matt Poirier and Andy Laliotis.  You may have seen either or both of them at places like Hermanos, Market Days or Area 23, but we had actually never seen either of them until last Thursday.
Poirier started things off with a solo acoustic mini set. My first impression was that he could really command the stage all by himself without being showy and ridiculous.  He moved in time with the music with authority.  The first song was dark, and he used his hand to thump the body of the guitar to create percussion throughout the song.  It felt like a chilling, foreboding country song.  The next song was more uplifting and bright, which provided a nice pick-me-up after the previous song.  Then there was another triumphant number that sounded like an Eddie Vedder solo track.
Then Laliotis strapped on his electric guitar and jumped into the mix.  They started with a funky instrumental jam, led by Laliotis using a wah effect on the guitar – think of the intro to “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” or “Let’s Get It On.”  It was clear that these two had played together before, as their styles, though different, complemented each other nicely.
The act consists of two guitarists/singers and that’s it, so the two had to split duties – Poirier kept the rhythm with a combination of pinpoint timing and hitting the guitar with his hand to play percussion. He also added some impressive beat-boxing, which was unexpected from this country-ish, Americana-ish folksy duo.  They then played two songs with country and folk vibes – I was reminded of Neil Young. Each took turns on lead vocals, though Poirier did most of the singing on this night.  Next was a song with harmonizing vocals, which sounded nice and reminded me a lot of Eric Clapton’s “Lay Down Sally.”  Sure enough, they played the Clapton track at the end, with Laliotis on lead vocals.
If you like the sounds of Johnny Cash, Vedder, Young, The Eagles – or just good old-fashioned American music – you should check these guys out.  Poirier will be at the Rock ‘N Race on May 18, playing one set at 6 p.m. He’s also on the bill at Hermanos on May 27 and the Home-Grown Stage in Bicentennial Square during Market Days on June 23.  Laliotis’s Grateful Dead tribute band, Blue Light Rain, will be at Penuche’s this Saturday night.  For more, go to or find Blue Light Rain on Facebook.
Cover of the Concord Insider, April 4-10, 2017

Cover of the Concord Insider, April 4-10, 2017



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