DUO DEL INFERNO – Featuring: Matt Poirier & Andy Laliotis 




2014-01-24-mattandmikeIMG_1795The Poirier & Sullivan Duo is a true musical collaboration. Matt and Mike have been collaborating and performing together in various facets for the better part of their 20 year friendship.  Matt and Mike have mainly performed in and around central New England at various clubs and festivals.   The pair of musicians combine two truly unique styles that blend together to form a true musical exploration.  Staying true to their roots-rock / Americana backgrounds, the duo focus on ever-changing set-lists, wide dynamic ranges, groove-based playing, intricate finger-styles and stints of improvisation.  The two musicians read each other with impeccable preciseness and patients while changing direction on the drop of a dime.  Each set becomes a  musical journey of sorts with each performer fully connected to the moment.  Poirier and Sullivan are a unique acoustic combo that is truly greater than the sum of their parts.

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