A crooning, magnetic troubadour…. how Poirier blends his voice with the thump of his guitar is righteous and original!
– Rob Azevedo (Concord Monitor Writer & Radio Host; Granite State of Mind)

Matt Poirier (The Solo Accoustic Show AKA Acoustic Stew):
Based out of New Hampshire, Matt has regularly performed at small venues, clubs and festivals around New England as a Solo Acoustic Performer and as part of various collaborations.  Matt has a noticeably unique and original approach towards playing the acoustic guitar, infusing percussive rhythms and grooves with various finger-picking styles.  While tough to pinpoint a specific genre, the typical Matt Poirier show will smoothly touch base on folk, Americana, bluegrass, rock and groove/funk, while pushing the limits of the acoustic guitar.  An honest voice with a slight rasp combined with an adventurous, dynamic and original playing style, makes Matt a true acoustic juggernaut…


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