Martini & Raynham Setlists

6/25/2011 (Solo Acoustic)
Private Party; Raynham, MA
Angel Cry Prelude -> Shine In Intro -> Sweet Black Angel, Women & Wine, Spanish Jam -> Me & My Uncle, Deadman, Ginstra -> Peggy-O, Damn Sam, Jack-A-Roe, To Be Young, The Beast In Me -> Long Journey Home
Jam -> Helicopter, Bathtub Gin, Cindy, Catfish John, Friend of the Devil, Mama Tried, Killing the Blues, Sneaking Sally Through the Alley, The Brakeman Sandman & Me, Duncan -> Tommy By the Riverside -> Duncan, And We Bid You Goodnight 
Beautiful day/outdoor show, Thanks to Rose and her family/friends for having me out
* Sperling teases in Shine In Intro.
6/24/2011 (Solo Acoustic)
The Green Martini; Concord, NH
Shine In Intro -> Women & Wine, Spanish Jam -> Me & My Uncle, Deadman,
Jack-A-Roe, Damn Sam, To Be Young, Dog Faced Boy, The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo) -> Long Journey Home
Jam -> Cindy, Bathtub Gin, Catfish John, Killing the Blues, *Helicopter Jam,   *Helicopter, *Friend of the Devil, *Maggie’s Farm, *%Sneaking Sally Through the Alley, *Mama Tried
*  = w/ Andy Laliotis (Kitchen & Bluelight Rain) on lead guitar
% = 1st Time Played 
1st attempt at Helicopter was aborted due to broken string
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